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Price Guide

Please note that my prices on all cake sizes, cupcakes and cookies have increased. This is to account for increasing costs for raw materials, overhead costs, as well as to ensure that I am properly compensated for my labour. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask me. Thank you for supporting local—it means a lot!


Every cake I make is unique and customized to your needs. I have put a price guide below but it is just a guide. Prices may vary depending on extra customizations or additions. All my cakes are finished in either white chocolate Swiss Meringue or French buttercream. I do not make fondant covered cakes. I only use fondant for decorations.

Once a design has been selected and the process has started changes cannot be done. You can request a revision to your design at least 5 days before the due date, after that an extra charge could get applied to your order. 

You are more than welcome to send examples of what you have in mind but please know that I do not copy other bakers' designs. If you send me an example I will use as reference to create my own design. The final cake will never be identical to the image provided.

Same goes for colours, they will be similar but I not always can match exact shades. Keep in mind I am working with butter that has a yellow hue so blues are more towards teals and so on.  

To book and confirm an order a 50% deposit is required. Deposits are non refundable. You can change the date to a later one if available or you can use the deposit for a future order. Deposits are valid for 1 year. 

*** Cakes must be ordered with a minimum of two weeks' notice. Less than that there is a "rushed fee"  that will get applied to your final order. 

Price list



5in (6-8 servings) $90 - this one is three layers as it is a special size created for small celebrations. 

6in (up to15 servings) $180 - four layers of cake 

8in (up to 25 servings) $300 - four layers of cake 

Cupcakes: $80 per dozen (buttercream swirls and sprinkles)

Additional sizes and customizations please email for pricing. 

Baby's first smash cake

I am very excited to introduce this new Apple Cinnamon cake for babies. If you are concerned about your little one having any sugar or other ingredients, don't worry I got you covered! This cake is: 

- Refined sugar free (uses very little maple syrup and apples as sweetener) 

- Made with mostly organic ingredients

- Organic whole wheat flour 

- The "buttercream" is Greek yogurt

- Can be Gluten free (GF all purpose flour only)

This cake only comes in one size and one look as Greek yogurt is not stable enough to cover the entire cake. 

Size: 4in two layers 

Cost: $50 (you can add a topper if you wish for an extra cost) 

*GF is $60. 


Gluten Free: $15

Mini donuts: $45 (per dozen)

Flowers: from $10+

Extra or specific Flowers: from $20 

Drip: $5 (caramel or ganache) gold add +$5

Macarons: $3 each 

24k gold leaf: from $10 

Custom text toppers: from $15 

Fairy lights: $5

Custom hand made sugar toppers: from $100 (these are outsourced so price depends on design and size)

Edible image toppers: from $10

Chandelier candle: $10

Number candle: $3

Liquor bottles (mini): from $10

Delivery: I use Uber at your own risk. If something happens to the cake during delivery you can reach out Uber for solving the issue. Once the cake leaves my place it is your responsability. I recommend pick up.

Rushed Fee: $25 (less than 2 week's notice) 


My cookies are always made with simple high quality ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour and vanilla beans. Hand piped with royal icing in different shapes and colours or finished in stamped fondant or with edible printed images such as corporate logos. At the moment I am only taking a very small amount of cookie orders and specific themes. 

Please contact me directly if you require corporate cookies or over 100. 


The starting cost of a dozen cookies is $120 and final cost depends on complexity and amount of colours used 

Hand piped logos start at $150 per dozen


Fondant covered cookies with stamps start at $100 per dozen. 


Cookies finished in royal icing with edible prints starts at $80 per dozen but final price will depend on the shape of the cookie, design and amount of colours. Ask for our large corporate orders discount.  . 

*cookies range from 3in to 5in in size. 

ALL cookie orders require at least 2 weeks' notice or more depending on the amount and complexity. 

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