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Classic Vanilla.

vanilla sponge cake. vanilla buttercream

Almond Cardamom.

almond sponge cake. almond cardamom buttercream.

vanilla sponge cake. multi coloured sprinkles. cotton candy buttercream*

Raspberry Lemonade. 
raspberry sponge cake. kalamansi curd. raspberry buttercream.

Blueberry Lemonade.

lemon sponge cake. blueberry compote. kalamansi curd. vanilla buttercream


Earl Grey. 

earl grey sponge cake. bergamot and kalamansi curd. earl grey simple syrup. vanilla buttercream 



vanilla sponge cake. coffee liquor milk soak. espresso buttercream. (contains alcohol and coffee) 

Salted Caramel.                                                   

dark chocolate (or vanilla) cake. caramel filling. salted caramel buttercream. salted caramel pearls.


citrus sponge cake. passionfruit curd. vanilla buttercream

Raspberry rose. 

vanilla sponge cake. raspberry rose simple syrup. raspberry compote. vanilla buttercream

Strawberry Shortcake. 

vanilla sponge cake. fresh strawberries. strawberry buttercream

Cookies and cream. 

vanilla sponge cake. vanilla and Oreo cookie buttercream. 

Lavender Haze. 

lavender sponge cake. kalamansi curd. vanilla buttercream.

Mexican hot chocolate

dark chocolate cake. chocolate cinnamon buttercream with a hint of ancho chile liquor (optional) 

DELUXE (add $10 for cakes and $5 for cupcakes)


Baby's First cake. 

Whole wheat apple cinnamon cake. Refined sugar free. Sweetened with apples and organic maple syrup. 

Deluxe Vanilla.

vanilla sponge cake. vanilla bean custard. vanilla buttercream (option to add strawberries or raspberries)

S'mores cake

chocolate cake. toasted marshmallow fluff. graham crackers. mini marshmallows. marshmallow buttercream*

Hazelnut apricot cake (seasonal) 

hazelnut  butter cake. apricot compote. vanilla and cardamom buttercream. 

Pistachio Raspberry (seasonal) 

pistachio butter cake . raspberry cream. raspberry compote. 

* Using Jenna Rae's new natural liquid flavours

** GF and Vegan options available upon request and availability for an extra charge (GF)

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