carrot cake. nuts optional. cream cheese (cupcakes or 1 tier cakes only, otherwise french vanilla cream)



lemon blueberry cake. lemon curd. french vanilla cream 

vanilla cake. multi coloured sprinkles. vanilla cream

Lavender Haze.
lavender cake. lemon curd. vanilla cream.


Raspberry Lemonade.
lemon cake. lemon curd. raspberry cream.


Strawberry Shortcake.
vanilla cake. fresh strawberries. strawberry cream


London Fog.

earl grey cake. vanilla cream 



vanilla cake. espresso cream. 

Salted Caramel.                                                     

dark chocolate cake. salted caramel cream. 


Mexican Hot Chocolate.
dark chocolate cake. cinnamon chocolate cream.

Cookies and cream. 

vanilla sponge cake.  vanilla and Oreo cookie buttercream. vanilla buttercream (or cookie buttercream)



vanilla sponge cake. lemon curd.  elderflower buttercream. 


citrus sponge cake. passionfruit curd. vanilla buttercream 


Raspberry rose. 

vanilla sponge cake. raspberry rose simple syrup. raspberry buttercream. raspberry compote. covered in vanilla buttercream


Hazelnut apricot cake (seasonal)

hazelnut and cardamon cake. hazelnut praline and apricot compote. vanilla buttercream. 

*** GF and Vegan options available upon request. 



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